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Specific Category Theoretical and Practical Training (STS)

Course is based on EASA STS scenario for Specific category. It is compulsory for spraying drone pilots to hold STS theory certificate. After passing the CAA exam, pilot is issued a CAA STS theory certificate valid for 5 years in all EU countries. STS Practical training for STS-01 and STS-02 scenarios are added for the benefit of clients, who are willing to operate other, non-spraying drones in specific category.

Currently available as part of Crop Pilot Starter Pack


Spraying drone Practical training and assessment (PDRA-G03)

Course is based on EASA PDRA-G03 practical scenario and includes following additional modules: BVLOS operations, night operations and transport and/or dropping of cargo. It is compulsory for spraying drone pilots to pass practical skill assessment. After passing the assessment, pilot is issued a practical skill accreditation certificate valid for 5 years.

Currently available as part of Crop Pilot Starter Pack

*PDRA-S01 scenario will become available soon

Agricultural Mapping course

Course is based on DJI Mavic 3 / Phantom 4 Multispectral and Pix4D Fields software workflow to produce missions for spraying drones. This course is not compulsory, but will save your time and resources. 

Currently available as part of Crop Pilot Starter Pack

Coming soon

XAG P100 3D modelis.png
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Spraying drone Operations Manager course (online)

Course is designed to train the person in charge of spraying drone operations. Accountable person may be the pilot himself or business owner. Accountable person is responsible for developing operations manual, safety procedures and overall in charge of daily operations.

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Course is designed to share experience with future drone pilots and operators. Learn from experts and avoid commonly made mistakes. Get a quick start and leave your competitors behind.

Application for CAA operational authorization 

Service is designed to assist spraying drone operators in the process of application for CAA operational authorization based on PDRA-G03 scenario or SORA.


About Crop Pilot School

Spraying drone industry is developing very fast and constantly needs the supply of young professionals. School offers a variety of course to support industry newcomers and guide them through the spraying drone operations start-up process.  In Crop Pilot school we keep things simple and guide students all the way from basic to the advanced levels. To become a professional and certified crop pilot you will have to pass over 100 practical exercises and successfully pass overall assessment. Our experienced instructors will make sure each student-pilot gets maximum hands-on experience and knowledge to safely operate most advanced spraying drones.

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We provide all-year training capabilities


Summer and winter training locations are available to enable all-year training environment. During the summer time training is delivered in Riga, Latvia and the best location for winter time training is BCN Drone center in Spain. If you are looking to kick-off your drone spraying season in March or April, you have an opportunity to attend all necessary courses during the winter months.

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